As a child my mother gave me her knitting needles to try my hand at the craft. I made a few scarves...and stopped. Not to pick up knitting needles for many years. In the winter of 2016 I decided I wanted to make someone a blanket, first I had to learn a few things.

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Well, the blanket never did happen but over the course of several months and two years of picking up and again putting my needles down I have learned. There is a beautiful calm when knitting, keeping ones hands busy creating pieces with love and some sore muscles.

About us

I enjoy the moments lost between my needles or with my crochet hook.

Each piece means the world to me and I hope  that they will make you yearn for adventure or bring the desire to curl up at home.

About us

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This weekend's forecast is mostly knitting with a chance of wine

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Lynn Den Dulk

I am extremely impressed with the quality and variety of the products, they are beautiful. I highly recommend Infix Connection. It makes me happy to see Canadian small businesses making a difference!! I can’t wait to see what is coming next and look forward to my next purchase

The Nielsen Family

The quality is amazing! We love all our products we have. My toque is so warm and comfortable to wear! I suffer from headaches and I can wear it all day long with no problems. we love our dish clothes they are so well made and durable.

V Bowen

I love the quality of the product. It is so well made..with such a great variety of color and design. I love my toque!! Have been looking a long time for one that I would feel good in. Love it!